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Entrepreneurship plays an important role in economic, social change and development in a society. Family Business is actively owned and/or managed by more than one member of the same family. Someone who organizes a business embarks and assumes the risk for it. In views of this, there has been growing appreciation and interest of the governments, academics, businessmen and public in entrepreneur and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship development has been accepted as a strategy for achieving the twin objectives of promotion of entrepreneurship, particularly among the educated unemployed youth for creation of employment opportunities and for rapid industrialization. The course modules are designed in a way that the students are able to understand and apply the techniques and cognitive process that can be used to identify entrepreneurial opportunities and prepare a realistic business plan based on their thoughts. The course content will be contextualized to the needs of prospective students/participants. It would also help participants to understand their business better, prepares them to sustain it through phases of transition and to grow it in an environment of increased competition.

The curriculum in Entrepreneurship and Family Business Management offers to students the opportunity to learn to develop their entrepreneurial talents while providing solid foundation of business management. Both entrepreneurs and family business executives face many risks and challenges in terms of finances, legal issues, marketing and promotion to name a few. The major comprises courses in new venture creation, franchising, small business finance, and family business management.


• Acquiring entrepreneurial spirit and be enterprising in all walks of life • Understanding the concept and the process of entrepreneurship- its contribution and the role in the growth & development. • Acquiring entrepreneurial quality, competency and motivation. • Develop skills in successfully initiating, expanding and diversifying a business enterprise in new, up-coming areas • Create entrepreneurial managers for corporate • Develop family business successors as enterprising and knowledgeable owners of the business of their predecessors

Who is it for?

The Post Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Family Business Management is open to all individuals who are either considering embarking on an entrepreneurial career pathway or have taken the first steps of their entrepreneurial journey. This may involve forming a business based around new technology or service, developing an agricultural set up, pursuing an opportunity in the arts or creative media, or taking an innovation forward within a larger or more established organization. Also individuals who want to scale

Learning Model

The PGEFBM at CAV Business School is designed to develop a strong base for entrepreneurial and management skills. These critical tools will help the Students face any challenge in their career. CAV Business School places a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship as a means to creating value for organizations and the development of leadership competencies.

The methodology

The methodologies may varies according to various subject's objectives and the skills, attitudes and behavioral patterns to be fostered. Though classroom theory is important for acquiring management knowledge but there is no substitute for practice in order to ingrain the entrepreneurial decision making skills. The following will be the elements:- • Case discussions • In-class role-plays and exercises • Individual quantitative assignment • Project work • Guest speaker • Exposure visit and demonstration

Structure of Program

The course is one year full time with four Trimester

Core Courses

The curriculum provides a strong grounding in managerial fundamentals while highlighting the strategic role that entrepreneurial mindset plays in enhancing business performance and creating sustainable competitive advantage. Throughout the trimester, these courses are offered in core areas which are having relationship with real business issues through case studies and projects that cover different company stages, sizes, industry and national contexts. These courses mostly cover : • Entrepreneurship Management • Family Business Management • Entrepreneurial Marketing management • Accounting and Financial Management

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